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Terms of Service

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Terms of Service


QWICK CENTRAL (Proprietary) Limited

A company with limited liability registered in the Republic of South Africa with registration no. 2014/1019 50/07 Trading as Cash Back Finance


PERSON described in the application form referred to hereunder. (herein referred to as the “User”)



Whereas Cash Back Finance provides these service/product as described hereinafter on the website:  https://www.cashbackfinance.co.za hereinafter referred to

collectively as “the website”);

AND WHEREAS the User is desirous of making use of the services so offered; THEREFORE the parties agree as follows:



3.1. The product offered is a 12 (twelve) month fixed-term agreement for the following Service referred to as the Legal assistance service

3.1.1 A Legal Advice Assistance service, comprising of the following service Personal Injury Advice Assistance service; Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Advice Assistance service; Conveyance Advice Assistance service; Litigation Advice Assistance service, Civil & labour Law Advice Assistance service; Criminal Law Advice Assistance service; Matrimonial Law Advice Assistance service; Will and Testament Advice Assistance service;



4.1. The legal assistance service is a fixed-term of 12 (twelve) months which commences from the date your service mandate and agreement has been entered into and expires 12 (twelve) months later.

4.2. The User may cancel this agreement by notice within seven (7) business days after this agreement has been entered into, in which event –

4.2.1 If the User entered into this agreement due to direct marketing, any money paid by the User hall be refunded within fifteen (15) business days after receipt of the cancellation notice; or

4.2.2 If the User entered into this agreement through an electronic transaction, any money paid by the User shall be refunded within thirty (30) business days after receipt of the cancellation notice.

4.3 The cancellation will only be accepted by Cash Back Finance in a recordable manner by e-mail: info@cashbackfinance.co.za within the prescribed period.



The costs of the legal assistance service is as follows:

5.1. R 299.00 (two hundred and ninety-nine rand) for the first month’s subscription fee, inclusive of an initiation fee; and

5.2. R 99.00 (ninety-nine rand) per month for the remaining 11 (eleven) months.



6.1. Unless the User directs Cash Back Finance to terminate the agreement on the expiry date or agrees to a renewal of the agreement for a further fixed term, this agreement, will automatically continue on a month-to-month basis on expiry the thereof, subject to any material changes of which Cash Back Finance has given notice

6.2. On termination of the agreement the User shall be liable for any amounts owing to Cash Back Finance in terms of the agreement.

6.3. Should the User wish to terminate this agreement before expiration date, it must be done in a recordable manner by e-mail: info@cashbackfinance.co.za giving (twenty) business days’ notice thereof. However, the User remains liable for any amounts owed in terms of the agreement to the date of successful cancellation. In the case of such early termination Cash Back Finance shall be entitled to impose a reasonable penalty as allowed in law.



7.1 In the event of the User failing to comply with the provisions of this agreement promptly and on due date and remaining in default for a period of 20 (twenty) business days after dispatch to him of a notice of such breach Cash Back Finance may cancel the agreement and inform the User in writing accordingly.

7.2 In the event of Cash Back Finance cancelling the agreement aforesaid, the User shall remain liable for the balance of the amounts still owing in terms of clause 5 above, which full amount shall become immediately due and payable.

7.3 In the event that Cash Back Finance handing the matter over to an attorney for collection of any amount so owed by the User:

7.3.1 The User undertakes to pay a further administration fee in the amount equal to 25% of the total amount owing; and

7.3.2 The user undertakes to pay all legal fees (including collection commission) on an a attorney and- client scale.



Cash Back Finance reserve the right to cede, transfer and assign all of its rights, title and interest in and to the agreement and/or all debts arising therefrom to a Third Party.

8.1 The User may not under any circumstances cede, transfer or assign any rights under the agreement.



9.1 The parties hereby agree to the jurisdiction of the magistrate’s court for any litigation in connection with or pursuant to this contract, but the Seller may institute proceedings in any other competent court at his option.

9.2 The terms and conditions of the agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa.



10.1 Cash Back Finance and its employees act only on instructions/mandate given by the User to submit a loan application (the loan referral application form) on the User’s behalf to various financial institutions

10.2. The costs of the legal advice service is not associated with a loan and/or a loan finding facility which is a complimentary bonus service to the legal advice service as a beneficial extra and its outcome is NOT GUARANTEED through the panel of financial service(s)/credit provider(s).

10.4. Cash Back Finance are not agents nor does it earn any commission(s) of whatsoever nature from any financial service(s) credit provider(s).

10.5. Cash Back Finance employees DO NOT provide financial advice as the User deals directly with the registered financial service(s)/credit provider(s) who will correspond and deal with the User directly.



11.1 The parties choose domicilium citandi et executandi for all purposes of the giving of any notice, the serving of any process and for any other purpose arising from this agreement, as follows –

11.1.1                        LLSA :

Physical :

Postal :               PO Box 21 484, Rustenburg, 0300

E-mail :              info@cashbackfinance.co.za

11.1.2 the User : as per application  form submitted to Cash Back Finance

11.2 Each of the parties shall be entitled from time to time by written notice to the other,  to vary its domicilium to any other address in the Republic of South Africa.

11.3 The parties record that all notices shall be sent per e-mail unless for practical reasons this is not possible but that any court processes shall be served at the party’s physical address.



Each of the provisions of this agreement shall be considered as separate terms and condition and in the event that this agreement is affected by any legislation or any amendment thereto,  or  if  the  provisions herein contained are by virtue of that legislation or otherwise, held to be illegal, invalid, prohibited  or unenforceable, then any such provisions shall be ineffective only to the extent of the illegality invalidity, prohibition or unenforceability and each of the remaining  provisions hereof shall remain in full force and effect as if the  illegal, invalid, prohibited or unenforceable provision was not a part hereof.



13.1 This agreement constitutes the sole record of the agreement between the parties in regard the subject matter thereof and comes into operation on the acceptance of Cash Back Finance of the properly completed application form obtained on the website or such information required to be furnished per telephone, which information will be deemed to represent a duly/ completed application form.

13.2 No party shall be bound by any representation, express or implied term, warranty, promise or the like not recorded herein

13.3 No additions to variation or agreed cancellation of this agreement shall be of any force or effect unless in writing and agreed to by both parties.

13.4 No indulgence which any party may grant to any other shall constitute a waiver of any of the rights of the grantor.

13.5 Whilst we endeavour to ensure that the info information on the website is accurate and complete Cash Back Finance makes no warranties about the accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of the proprietary information, software text, graphics. and links, or about results to be obtained from using the website.



14.1 The User here by consents and authorize Cash Back Finance to:

14.1.1 Contact, request and obtain information from any credit provider (or potential credit provider) or registered credit bureaus relevant to an assessment of the User’s behaviour, profile, payment patterns, indebtedness, whereabouts, and credit worthiness; and

14.1.2 Furnish information concerning the User’s behaviour, profile, payment patterns, indebtedness, whereabouts and creditworthiness to any registered credit bureau or to any credit provider (or potential credit provider) seeking a trade reference regarding the User’s dealings with Cash Back Finance.

14.2 Cash Back Finance is affiliated to certain registered credit bureaus and all account payment profiles, patterns and behaviour are recorded monthly with these credit bureaus.

14.3 All information received from the user either by way of telephone call made by the User or by way of the on-line application form, is stored in order to process he User’s application for the legal assistance services that the User has purchased.

14.4 Upon applying for the loan seeking service facility, the User further consents to the said information being made available to third parties in order to facilitate the loan so sought.


USERNAME: CreditCentre

I hereby authorize you to issue and deliver payment instructions to the bank for collection against my above mentioned account at my above mentioned bank (or any other bank or branch to which I may transfer my account) on condition that the sum of such payments instructions will never exceed my obligations as agreed to in the Agreement, and commencing on the commencement date and continuing until this Authority and Mandate is terminated by me by giving you notice in writing of no less than 20 ordinary working days, and send by prepaid registered post or delivered to your address as indicated above. The Individual payment instructions so authorised to be issued must be issued and delivered as follows;

R299 On the applicant’s / client’s next salary date, post the date of the applicant’s / client’s online / electronic application and R99 pm thereafter until mandate is terminated or cancelled. In the event that the payment day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or recognized South African public holiday, the payment day will automatically be the very next ordinary business day. Further, if there are insufficient funds in the nominated account to meet the obligation, you are entitled to track my account and re-present the instruction for payment as soon as sufficient funds are available in my account. Monthly on or after dates when the obligation in term of the agreement is due and the amount of each individual payment instruction may not be more or less that the obligation due.


I acknowledge that all payment instructions issued by you shall be treated by my above mentioned bank as if the instruction had been issued by me personally.


In the event of unpaid debit orders I hereby give permission that my monthly premium must be reduced to R50 pm until outstanding debt recovered or until cancellation of the contract.

To Qualify

  • You must be between the ages of 18 and 65
  • Be a permanent SA resident
  • Be permanently employed
  • Your salary must be paid directly into your bank account
  • Your last payslip, or proof of income
  • Proof of home address (up to 3 months old)
  • 3 months’ bank statements

Documents Needed

  • South African ID or smart card
  • Your most recent payslip
  • 3 months bank statements

Additional Info

The interest rate is linked to the prime rate, which is based on your risk profile